Saturday, January 9, 2010


So I didn't watch a movie yesterday. I put it off until today. Sorry to anyone who may actually be reading my blog regularly, as I'm about to confess. Life is just too crazy right now for me to be on a regular movie watching schedule. So I've decided that I'll still watch my list of movies and blog about them every once in a while, but only when I happen to have the time. And I'm just not sure when that will be at this point. For now, I can at least blog about the movie I watched today, Sleepers.

As much as I was apprehensive about watching this movie, I actually really liked it. I knew I'd have to watch it eventually because it has Kevin Bacon in it and it was my goal to watch all the Kevin Bacon movies by the end of the year. I'm still going to try to keep that goal but we'll see how it goes. So, conveniently, the last movie that I watched, Last Chance Harvey, had Dustin Hoffman playing the main character, which is how I ended up linking to Sleepers. I didn't realize that Dustin Hoffman was in Sleepers when I put it on my list of Kevin Bacon movies but he's actually good in his role. He plays one of the lawyers and doesn't show up in the movie until well into the story.

Sleepers is a gruesome but fantastically done story about childhood friendship, horrible life-changing experiences, and seeking revenge. If you can get through the violent crimes described in the film, the end is rewarding. I caught myself crying during the last ten minutes or so. Kevin Bacon, as usual, plays an awful character but does a fantastic job at it. He's just too convincing as a bad guy, but the media has always made clear that he's a great person in real life. Robert De Niro is really fantastic in his supportive role. One thing that I really enjoyed about the movie as a whole was the narration. I believe the narration was highly influenced by the book on which the movie was based. It was really a well told story. I just couldn't imagine such things happening to anyone close to me. If you can stomach it, I would encourage people to watch the film or read the book.

I'm not sure when I'll catch my next movie, but it too will feature Kevin Bacon as he'll be my link to whatever I watch next. Until next time...

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